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Linux USB Audio

Just a quickie note. Probably more for me than anyone else. If you are running Linux and your audio deteriorates over time (noise/static/volume lowers), it can usually be fixed by replacing your audio chip. Linux support for audio chip is just meh. I used the Sabrent AU-MMSA. It plugs into a USB port and you plug your speakers/stereo lead into that. I’m a fan of LinuxMint my hardware ranges from newer AMD Ryzen 450/550 boards to old HP Z420 workstations. The chipset in there is solid under Ubuntu.

Sabrent AU-MMSA

It comes through as a Unitek Y-247A chip. I’m sure any device that uses this chipset is good to go. These cost under $10 from everywhere. A simple fast fix for your Linux audio irritations.

I haven’t tried the microphone-in plug. Have you?