Tech stuff for the retro community as well as current/newish tech from my day-job.

And of course, crap for sale!

  • IVS Trumpcard – Part 1
    The Plan I’ve got a couple Trumpcard SCSI add-in cards for a Zorro-II slot. My plan is to make a step-by-step instructions to installing and configuring it. The scope is to install the card in an A2000, add a SCSI2SD adapter, and get everything to boot on my latest A2000 project box. The project box’s … Read more
  • Linux USB Audio
    Just a quickie note. Probably more for me than anyone else. If you are running Linux and your audio deteriorates over time (noise/static/volume lowers), it can usually be fixed by replacing your audio chip. Linux support for audio chip is just meh. I used the Sabrent AU-MMSA. It plugs into a USB port and you … Read more
  • Amiga 1020 Floppy Disk Drive
    This mysterious drive appeared in an eBay sale. I’m not sure how long the ad will survive in their archive but check it out. I was willing to bid on the package even though the A1000 does not hold an attraction for me. My plan was to only keep the 1020 and resell everything else. … Read more
  • Microbotics RAM Expander
    An old school review of a RAM expander for an Amiga 500. Specifics about this part and lots of good general tech knowledge. The company also put out an M501. The M501 did not have a metal cover. 512K RAM EXPANDERMicroBotics, Inc.Amiga 500Price: $159.00 Your new Amiga 500 came stocked with half a megabyte of … Read more
  • A1200
    Here’s something I picked up from eBay. One of the things the ad mentions was the external FDD would not work. I opened up the A1200 and lookie there. A full size 3.5″ drive. That thing is just sucking power and it is tied to the power for the internal FDD. It kinda makes sense … Read more