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And of course, crap for sale!

  • IVS Trumpcard – Part 1
    The Plan I’ve got a couple Trumpcard SCSI add-in cards for a Zorro-II slot. My plan is to make a step-by-step instructions to installing and configuring it. The scope is to install the card in an A2000, add a SCSI2SD adapter, and get everything to boot on my latest A2000 project box. The project box’s… Read more: IVS Trumpcard – Part 1
  • Linux USB Audio
    Just a quickie note. Probably more for me than anyone else. If you are running Linux and your audio deteriorates over time (noise/static/volume lowers), it can usually be fixed by replacing your audio chip. Linux support for audio chip is just meh. I used the Sabrent AU-MMSA. It plugs into a USB port and you… Read more: Linux USB Audio
  • Amiga 1020 Floppy Disk Drive
    This mysterious drive appeared in an eBay sale. I’m not sure how long the ad will survive in their archive but check it out. I was willing to bid on the package even though the A1000 does not hold an attraction for me. My plan was to only keep the 1020 and resell everything else.… Read more: Amiga 1020 Floppy Disk Drive
  • Microbotics RAM Expander
    An old school review of a RAM expander for an Amiga 500. Specifics about this part and lots of good general tech knowledge. The company also put out an M501. The M501 did not have a metal cover. 512K RAM EXPANDERMicroBotics, Inc.Amiga 500Price: $159.00 Your new Amiga 500 came stocked with half a megabyte of… Read more: Microbotics RAM Expander
  • A1200
    Here’s something I picked up from eBay. One of the things the ad mentions was the external FDD would not work. I opened up the A1200 and lookie there. A full size 3.5″ drive. That thing is just sucking power and it is tied to the power for the internal FDD. It kinda makes sense… Read more: A1200