IVS Trumpcard – Part 1

The Plan

I’ve got a couple Trumpcard SCSI add-in cards for a Zorro-II slot. My plan is to make a step-by-step instructions to installing and configuring it.

The scope is to install the card in an A2000, add a SCSI2SD adapter, and get everything to boot on my latest A2000 project box. The project box’s serial is RN2205009. A rev 6.2 mobo with some light battery damage. I picked up the box as a no-boot Amiga.

Prep Work

Unfortunately, the A2000 suffered physical damage when being shipped. PLEASE don’t ship an A2000 (17 1/2″ wide) in an 18x18x18″ box >>> something will always be damaged. For me it was some bent metal (meh, I could live with) plus a smashed face. The face had a couple glue points from 5-20yrs ago but now all of the points are broken.

First, gotta reseat all of the cards and try a boot. Remember, things shift and move when shipping something that size and weight. No joy. The cards were a

Next step was to pull out the Varta battery with some needle nose pliers, check. At some point I plan to solder in a coin cell . The next step was to test boot with no cards. Holy guacamole, it booted to WB 3.1 (sweet!).

I installed my gotek, as drive 1. Moved the Chinon FB-354 from DF0: to DF1:, added a jumper to J301. This jumper is right under where the FDD cable connects on the A2000 mobo. And now I have a dual FDD booting box. Mind you I’m skipping a bunch of testing and swapping FDDs to get to the end point.

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