Hardware History

This is tracking of hardware I’ve had/worked on/touched/seen/etc. In theory if you ever need to prove provenance this could be a resource. Since this is an insane list you are expect to use the Search/Find feature in your browser.

    RetroNinja Serial NumberDescriptionNotes
    sn: 004013
    rev 6.1
    no battery – that’s a good thing; there is a 5.25″ FDD in the A2000
    CBM ROM 380682-03 v3.6 E500
    CBM ROM 380683-03 v3.6 0000
    Assy 380694-01 Rev A AT Bridgeboard Sandwich
    Asy 380690 Rev 6 main board
    rev 4.3
    case sn: JA1004983
    mobo sn:
    Commodore Amiga 2000 + 4MB card + Gotek Drive + (2) USB thumb drives + joystick

    This is a ready-to-go ready-to-run A2000. I’ve run this for about 4 hours. After tune-ups and testing the majority of the time was spent playing Croak (Frogger clone) and Qix.
    Upgrade from your Commodore C64 C-64 or C128 C-128. Step up your game and show your Atari or TI 99/4A gear who’s boss.

    * Workbench 1.3 along with matching ROM
    * Supra RAM card, it has 4MB installed, space for another 4MB DIP chips
    * total system memory is 5MB
    * I’ve run the memory test for 5 cycles with no flaws, see ATK pics
    * includes original Commodore A2000 shipping box with matching serial number
    * includes original Styrofoam packaging inserts
    * includes a Gotek drive configured as drive DF0:
    * includes (2) USB memory sticks with Workbench 1.3, some tools, and some games
    * includes RCA to 1/8″ adapter, this allows you to listen to the audio out of the Amiga on headphones or modern speakers; I guess you could get a power inverter for your car then plug the audio cable into your car’s AUX port so you can play Tetris while driving down the road
    * includes Boss joystick
    * includes the original beige power cable and a newer power cable
    * in its past, someone upgraded the stock Agnus (512KB) chip with a Fat Agnus (1MB) chip
    * the motherboard is revision 4.3, 4.1 on the silk screen and 4.3 on the sticker

    Here’s a list of tune-ups performed:
    * tune-up – the battery was pulled, then vinegar’d, then alcohol’d, then distilled; the area was not bad at all, the CPU was never corroded; there were bumps though, so I scrapped the area down then added new solder mask
    * tune-up – the old VARTA battery was replaced with a new coin cell battery
    * tune-up – the fan in the power supply was noisy; I pulled it out and replaced it with one of those magnet bearing/suspension fans; nice and quiet now; also of note – with the original fan, the fan’s load was enough to trigger/turn on the power supply, on my first test with just the new fan it did not use enough power so something else needed to be running (mobo, drive, etc) before the fan (and power supply?) kicked on; just something I never realized
    * tune-up – the FDD cable had corrosion on the connector; I’ve seen this before and it always seems like an odd place to get corrosion; trashed the old one and replaced it with a new FDD cable + connectors
    RN2303014A2000 rev 4.3super dusty inside, pulled apart and cleaned mobo, distilled water clean; slight battery damage = vinegar+iso alcohol+distilled wash, soldered in new coin cell battery adapter; pulled apart power supply, air cleaned inside, a lot of time spent wiping dust/dirt off fan; it was so dusty inside and so little battery damage I wonder if this thing was just sitting there running for years